Privacy Statement

Aimee Services Ltd. do not divulge or share any customer information with any other company, individual or 3rd party

Aimee Services Ltd. retain contact and booking records as required in order to facilitate re-bookings and for accountancy purposes

Aimee Services Ltd. do not store any information on servers outwith UK territory. Any information stored is on a secure platform with limited access by staff.

Aimee Services Ltd. do not set cookies in clients computers.

Aimee Services Ltd. do not have access to any information related to payments made by credit/debit card. Our credit/debit card processing is done by an independent company,, who simply inform us when payment has been made.

Aimee Services Ltd. will happily provide a copy of all information held pertaining to a specific individual and/or company providing the following terms and conditions are complied with;

  1. Absolute proof of the validity of the request with regard to identification.

  2. An administration fee of £10 may be charged.

It should be noted that Aimee Services Ltd. will not have access to any other information beyond that which has been provided as part of the enquiry/booking procedures

Terms & Conditions


Payments can be made online using a credit/debit card following receipt of our email invoice which will include a link to our payment processor. Payment must be made within 24 hours once our invoice is received otherwise we must be notified by email or phone.

If you need to make payment by cheque and/or cash then you must notify us as soon as you receive our invoice to make arrangements.

Note: Credit/Debit cards are processed not by ourselves by who provide our merchant services. Transactions undertaken with us will appear as '' on your statement. At no point do we have access to any payment related information.

Cancellation policy

In the event that a client needs to cancel a booking the following will apply;

  • 10% admin fee deducted for cancellations notified 14 days prior to booking date
  • 25% admin fee deducted for cancellations notified 7 days prior to booking date
  • 50% admin fee deducted for cancellations notified 4 days prior to booking date
  • 100% admin fee deducted for cancellations notified 1 day prior to booking date

note: the booking date is the date on which the journey commences.

Note: a cancellation must be notified to us in writing by either e-mail or letter AND by telephone to; 07725 404597

Cancellations by email MUST be notified using the same email address as used when booking. The same applies to phone cancellations.

In the event that, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to provide a vehicle, for a confirmed and paid booking, we will provide a 100% refund within 14 days. We cannot though be held responsible for any other costs or liabilities arising from such a cancellation

Aimee Services Ltd. reserve the right to amend or alter the above terms and conditions at any time and without notice.

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